Tea, Daddy?

A couple of months or so ago I was feeling sick. Very sick. I was taking care of three-year-old Matthew and was trying to keep up with him despite the fact that I felt drained. At one point it all became too much. I was chasing him through the bathroom when my foot caught in a towel on the floor and I fell flat on my face. I was uninjured, but stunned, tired, and sick. I did not feel able to get up.

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Metering Trees

Crews are busy all around Sacramento County, digging and plumbing, installing water meters. Like many transplants from elsewhere in California, where every decade or so brings water shortages and threats of rationing, I was appalled that California’s state capital had a law prohibiting the use of water meters on noncommercial property. What’s up with that? Another perquisite the fatcat Sacramento politicians had voted themselves?

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