I Have Time

I HAVE TIME to sleep a few hours each night,
Time to play two-year-old and five-year-old games,
Time to earn a living, attend church, support my communities;
Time for cooking, eating, dishes,
And time to admire pages, white as newest snow.

A little time to read from ink-stained sheets,
More time to answer the beeps, clicks, whistles
Of devices at my belt, my fingertips, in my kitchen.
Time for laundry (process, not event),
Time to plant and feed and water and mow
But not to sully pages, still white as newest snow

Pickups, dropoffs, diapers, playgrounds, movies;
Depression, voices, chemicals, and tests;
Movies, castles, wizards, bunnies, Peeps;
The minister of magic seven days a week.
Still friends await correspondence
And I stare longingly at pages white as newest snow

Tidying, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping,
Backyards, museums, zoos, lakes;
Banks, bills, timesheets, licenses;
Distant family tech support;
Groceries, clothing, presents, treats --
Time for these and so much more
And journal pages white as newest snow

Ron – 11 Jun 2007