As I’m typing this:

  • I have a load of clothes being washed in my washing machine.
  • Another load of clothes is being dried in an automated dryer.
  • A load of dirty dishes is being washed and dried in my automatic dishwasher.
  • My lunch is being automatically heated to a perfect serving temperature by a combination microwave/convection oven.

So far, so good, but that’s all 20th century technology. While I waste time on my computer, I also have:

  • a Scooba robot scrubbing and drying my kitchen floor (this is especially exciting to me, as I hate mopping floors and Scooba does a better job, and more often, than I ever would)

I’ll be folding laundry soon, but that seems a small price to pay after having my clothes, floors, and dishes done. There isn’t a robot to wash me yet, but I was able to shower while my clothes and dishes got washed because of smart faucets that keep my shower and bath water at a constant temperature even when the clothes washer and dishwasher are making sudden, unpredictable changes in hot and cold water demand.

Life is good.

Ron – 25 Aug 2007