SpamSieve saved my life

Date:  11November2008 09:07:43 PST      
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SpamSieve saved my life

Well, not really, but I thought you might want to hear a success story.

I run my own mail servers, and use SpamAssassin┬áto assassinate most of the 50,000 or so spams I receive each week (about 7,000 per day, or about one every 12 seconds). For various reasons, though, I don’t use manual training for SpamAssassin’s Bayesian filters, so a few dozen servings of delectable potted meat product slip through each day.

For years, I ran Eudora with its built-in spam filter. It worked remarkably well on my pre-filtered mail, with only about one serving per day showing up in my inbox. False positives were rare events. Life was good.

For all the usual reasons, I decided to switch to Apple Mail. I was impressed with how well the built-in filtering worked — until it didn’t. I’m not sure what happened, but it might have been related to when I got an iPhone and started using IMAP instead of POP3 to get my mail. Suddenly, messages started disappearing, messages would get duplicated, valid messages would end up in my Junk folder, deleted messages would persistently reappear, and — worst of all — piles of greasy, steamy, rancid, salty, overprocessed lunch meat were appearing in my inbox. I tried training. I tried rebuilding mailboxes. I tried resetting everything. I tried a completely clean install of Mail. It just wouldn’t work.

After weeks of suffering this onslaught of jelly-coated compressed packinghouse scraps, I bought a copy of Joe Kissell’s Take Control of Spam with Apple Mail. As you know, Joe is a big fan of SpamSieve. Reading his book convinced me to try it.

It is a mere 18 hours later, and once again Life Is Good. Thirty day demo? For me, thirty hours would have been enough. I’ve already registered.

From the bottom of my inbox, thanks.

–Ron – 11 Nov 2008