Everything Changes

I’ve been using the TWiki collaboration platform since at least 2004. It has always been a bit of a trial—it doesn’t create terribly pretty sites, and it has been a bear to maintain. Its real strength is collaboration, but I used it mostly as a site-creation tool.

I’ve decided to move looseassociations.com (and, likely, the rest of my TWiki-based sites) to WordPress to give my sites a more modern look and to allow more flexible editing. I’ll lose the collaboration features, but I only had one really collaborative effort (the iCab documentation TWiki) and it hasn’t been active in years (though iCab still is… check it out if you’re a MacOS user who would like to try an alternative browser).

If you’ve stumbled across this site at 4gi.wtf, it’s still in the testing-and-migration phase and will move to looseassociations.com when this low-priority project is farther along.