From the light of dreams to morning's gloom,
Illuminated by a son, next darkened by a cloud.
A sun-filled ride to a light, supportive room
Then late and lost, lamenting now out loud.

Another flare, the heart is filled and light
Not twenty minutes, why would she grant consent?
For kindness, love, that shining moment's right
Protects this heart against the next descent

Through violent storm, no gentle rain to wash
The wounds, but sharp-edged ice and black and bitter night.
Again, the son, and hose nor mud can quash
The rainbow-joy now running in the light.

As metal tempered by the fire and freeze,
From warm to chill, this soul's harsh destiny
To know indifference, knowing to appease,
Survive, grow strong, for love's eternity

RonRisley – 22 May 2005