Loose Associations

...the poet's pen turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing
a local habitation and a name --William Shakespeare

Minecraft Status Report (21December2011)
One. More. Block.
thankslist (22November2011)
it grows longer every year
Speaking of dreams... (22June2011)
a vision in the night
Medical Email (08February2011)
is using email for medical information such a problem?
Managing an Internal Dialtone with Asterisk (28December2010)
only of interest if you know what an asterisk pbx is
Sacramento Medical Oasis (01October2010) is open!
what a long, strange trip it's been
Dear Virgin Mobile (03July2010)
sometimes, when you're pranked, all you can do is laugh along
Public Trough II (16June2010)
the feeders might not be who you think
Sacramento County Mental Health Redux (27March2010)
fatal incompetence
DMV Gets It! (12January2010)
the California Department of Motor Vehicles? Gets it!?
Getting It (09January2010)
SJUSD could use some tutoring
reCAPTCHA as a Service (27December2009)
protect your interactive web sites
all I want is a charger (22November2009)
for my little hybrid car
the summer that was (26October2009)
can life get any better?
Josť (21June2009)
not poster material
feeding at the public trough (12April2009)
apparently, we're bottom feeders
the screen time conspiracy (15March2009)
and other “clinical guidelines” woes
all compassion is local (08March2009)
act locally
SpamSieve saved my life (11November2008)
hyperbole about anti-spam software
let 'em fail! (20September2008)
it's time to let Wall Street collapse
open letter (11September2008)
my automobile insurance company (21st Century Insurance) has gone bad
desert heart (15August2008)
a beating wilderness
second night spaces (13June2008)
a verse from 1993
every gun that is made... (02June2008)
...a theft from those who hunger
profound changes (17May2008)
after decades, some experiences become part of the background of life
scarlet (09May2008)
a late bloomer
longer days (12April2008)
it's spring again
from seed to fruit (02April2008)
luck, nurture, and time
the trouble with time machine (31December2007)
a backup nightmare with a happy ending
thanks be (21November2007)
a thanksgiving list
the science wizard (26September2007)
a kindergarten dream party
car trouble (22September2007)
annoying but comical
me, simpsonized (15September2007)
true character captured at last?
automation (25August2007)
labor saving comes of age
compact fluorescent lights (26July2007)
their glow isn't always green
I have time (11June2007)
but where does it all go?
spring awaiting (10March2007)
just around the corner
home improvement (07January2007)
a remodeling success story
the walk (09March2006)
a quiet stroll
fleeting now (16February2006)
nostalgia in a quotidian place
port wine (02October2005)
ancient, sweet, ephemeral
tea, Daddy? (15September2005)
Matthew makes medicine
metering trees (12September2005)
is now the time for water meters in the Sacramento valley?
a paean to loneliness (19August2005)
what happens in a rare moment of solitude
doctor in the house (24July2005)
to learn, and from time to time apply what one has learned, isn't that a pleasure?
creek adventure (26June2005)
not so far off the beaten path
a day in the life (05June2005)
just another day with my favorite preschooler
flare (21May2005)
come, ride the roller coaster
after the show (09May2005)
are things ever what they used to seem?
on my rocker (04May2005)
ron rediscovers a simple pleasure after a long hiatus
vacation (02May2005)
why do we grieve?
fresh linens (27April2005)
what could be so special about a new set of sheets?
Literature/Writing 141 (18April2005)
a collection of pieces from a 1991 writing course that ron just posted to his archive site
what makes experience worth waiting for (10April2005; revised 17April2005)
a sonnet. life may be ephemeral, but it still merits an investment
corporate personhood (09April2005)
another simple solution to the world's ills and a note on insurance company formularies
what profit, then, in contemplating ends (06April2005)
a sonnet. life is ephemeral. live it anyway.
remembering how to breathe (31March2005)
catastrophe is a tangle in the fabric of space-time
solitude must seek its own repair (29March2005)
a villanelle on facing the world by oneself
just say whatever (25March2005)
even a flawed model can be better than none at all
petrichor (22March2005)
you never know what might be around the corner
harbingers of spring (04March2005)
it happens anew every year
wealth and privilege (02March2005)
for those in an over-privileged society, can charity really begin at home?
tolerance, intolerance, and disingenuity (24February2005)
persons of integrity have suffered for our freedoms in ways we seldom acknowledge
tincture of time (23February2005)
a prescription for the ailing corporate health care system
short shorts (09February2005)
some very short fiction from 1990 archived on ron's personal web site
in recognition of single parents (07February2005)
some site news and a tip of the virtual hat to people who raise kids on their own
Elizabeth Keating (07February2005)
a remembrance of a remarkable teacher and a sample of the essays she inspired ron to write
a random act of kindness (02February2005)
ron is treated kindly by a unit of megacorporation McDonalds
to blog or not to blog (01February2005)
ron struggles to explain why the Net needs yet another blog and just what are loose associations, anyway?

a collection of older work is archived under the words and ideas section of ron's legacy personal pages

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